SPEECH TO BRAILLE             

Speech to Braille Reporting is a communication support service for Deafblind people who are conversant in Braille.  This service enables them to participate in meetings, seminars and doctors appointments.   It works in a similar way to traditional speech to text based services, with an Electronic Notetaker transcribing the spoken word and streaming it to the client's laptop. 

However, in this case, specialist software loaded onto the client laptop enables the text to be translated into Braille code.  A refreshable Braille display is then linked to the receiver screen, which the client uses to access the text output in real-time. 

Refreshable Braille display

As with traditional Electronic Notetaking systems, Speech to Braille Reporting will identify changes in speakers and include any incidental information such as {applause}, {laughter} and any jokes and asides.  An unedited transcript of the meeting is available for the client to take away immediately, or can be edited and forwarded to them after the event. 

This service can also be delivered remotely for Deafblind people who require text consolidation to participate in remote meetings and teleconferences. 





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